The best money
that money can buy.

Authentic U.S. paper currency. 

$500k in your choice
of Old or New money.

Starting at $1,000,000.

Old Money.




New Money.

Freshly printed. 





 5,000 bills


 50 bundles


 5 stacks


 per case


Cash out in style.

Each sold separately. Each sold once.

About the Transaction:


1. Offer of $1,000,000.00 USD is only good for the first purchased Briefcash.


2. Upon successful first purchase, the selling price for the remaining Briefcash is $2,000,000.00 USD.


3. Dual applications can be made via separate, independent transaction inquiries.


4. 3rd party-issued Certificate of Authenticity provided at delivery. (verifying and  each of the 5,000 $100 bills are official U.S. Treasury Notes)


5. Collectors preferred. End user’s intentions are to be taken into account upon inquiry.


6. 50% deposit required (Will be held in escrow until delivery).


7. No viewing pre-purchase.


8. No credit card.


9. No financing.


10. Both sales are final. No refunds or return.


11. Minimum ninety (90) days delivery and logistics.


About the Case:


1. Briefcash comes pre-locked; unique, one-of-a-kind combination code will not be provided.


2. Attempting to reverse engineer the combination code will be considered an act of theft, and will drop the resale value to $500,000.00 USD.


3. All bills are undamaged, and are in original state. No glue or tape has been applied.


4. Bills may look different then what is displayed on screen at time of purchase, and are subject to change.


5. Acrylic case sold as is (New condition).


6. “Floating money” effect may change over time.